Get the answers before the monthly bill

  • Get 15-second data delivered immediately. Crucial for real-time awareness and analytics. Not the 15-minute (at best) day-old data available from your utility.
  • Be informed of issues as they happen. Don’t wait to get your bill to find out you used more electricity than last month.
  • Identify trends that are costing you money
  • Don’t guess where your electricity (and dollars) are being used
  • View information in easy to understand dollars-and-cents
  • All PowerCost Series product are designed to be quickly owner installable using either wired or wireless connection
  • Setup wizard guides you step-by-step and verifies your progress as you go
  • Automated alerts will inform you of issues like low batteries and provide instructions to correct it

Stop wasting money on your home's electricity

Independent Research shows that on average, homes with access to real time energy data reduce their usage by 9%. Homes with electric heat and hot water experience even greater reductions of up to 17%.

You're just 3 easy steps away from
energy savings with PowerCost

  1. Set Up (It takes less then 20 minutes)
  2. Track your energy usage as it happens
  3. Save on your power bill

But don’t just take our word for it

Real reviews from some of our 350,000 PowerCost monitor users

  • “It's really improved seems to drop the signal less from the meter. Website a lot better but can't find data export. I want to combine it with Ecobee data and weather data to determine a few things. It's more accurate than I can get from Powerstream which has fewer data points and same rounding. It would also be fun to link it to other pricing plans like I have at the moment from Powerstream which has a flat rate except between 3 and 9 pm when it can be 10, 20, or 40c depending on demand. “

    • Ash Silver on May 07, 2018
  • “I am overall very glad with the new Connector and web interface. Two things could be better: first to be able to download and print the setup guide; second, I would like to be able to display the meter sensor temperature in the new interface.“

    • Luc Tousignant on Apr 12, 2018


What does the PowerCost solution do for me?

Better information leads to better decisions – it's that simple. The PowerCost family gives you the tools to take control of your energy costs. Families using real time energy monitors reduce their energy bill by 9% on average. Eliminate waste energy. Optimize energy settings. Shift your use to off-peak price periods. Increase awareness. Help the environment. To learn about your own trends so you can make small changes and save on your monthly utility bills click here

Will it work with my meter?

Most Likely. The PowerCost Monitor™ is compatible with, and mounts easily on, the vast majority of electricity meters in North America.  It works by ‘seeing’ the moving disk on a mechanical meter or light pulses from a digital meter and is compatible with most “Smart Meters”. For general meter compatibility information click here.  If you are still not sure or have any questions about the compatibility of your specific meter, please email us a clear, straight-on, picture of your meter.

Can I install the PowerCost Monitor™ myself?

Yes! The PowerCost Monitor™ was designed to be owner installable. It does not connect to your home's wiring and there is no need to go into your fuse or breaker panel. It simply slips over your electricity meter. Just 1 screwdriver and 30 minutes is all you need. (watch the videos)

Can I view my electricity use online or on my smartphone?

Absolutely! Simply add the PowerCost WiFi Bridge to upload your electricity data to Blue Line's EnergyCloud system where you can see your recent usage statistics. From there you can choose to send your information to one or more of Blue Line's application partners that offer great analysis tools, such as how much you are spending on heating & cooling, cooking, lighting, etc. Mobile applications are also available.